Sep 162011

Most eeePC 1215Bs have a Touchpad issue. For me the touchpad simply went into wrong directions; it could for example go up when going right or move not at all. If it’s also not working for you, you have two options. Contact ASUS, be stern, don’t let them talk you into a ‘driver issue’ and you will get it replaced.

Or you fix it yourself. Probably you will void your warranty, so do it at your own risk. The tutorial which helped me can be found here (below) LINK. It’s the picture below with the green tape. When doing it you will most probably break off one of the small hooks holding the handrest together with the rest of the laptop. This will leave a small gap.

After taping my touchpad like in the thread and breaking off one hook (also like in the thread), my touchpad is working very well now. I never thought it could work so well, seeing how it worked before.

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